Hello World

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First post explaining the how and why of this website

Welcome to my homepage. In this post I’ll try to explain why and how this site was build.

I created this website to give an overview about my person and the projects I’m working on.


This website is generated by the static website generator Hugo using the awesome After Dark theme. I track the source files of the website in a GitHub repository. The web server is a nginx server running on my own dedicated server from Kimsufi and does not log the visitors IP address (I do write access logs but I will never log IP addresses).

I chose a static site generator over a CMS like WordPress because plain markdown files are easier to manage e.g. using git in contrast to WordPress posts being stored somewhere deep in a database. Also have a look at the amount of security releases in the WordPress release notes. Hugo generates static HTML files which are served through nginx, so there are no security risks.

The web server forces you to use a TLS encrypted connection using HTTP/2, therefore I used Let’s Encrypt to get a free certificate (you might want to check out my awesome SSL rating).

All posts are written using Vim with some plugins. My Vim configuration can be seen in my dotfile repository.